Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Triple triple

Three is obviously a big number in baseball.

Three strikes is out. Three outs make an inning. Three times three is nine, the number of defensive players in the field and the number of innings in a regulation game. Babe Ruth wore 3. So did Harmon Killebrew.

And Denard Span hit three three-baggers Tuesday.

That's not a record. There were a couple of 19th century players who hit four in a game, one a star (Bill Joyce, rated by Bill James the 61st best third baseman in history) and one a guy who makes Nick Punto, Al Newman and Jeff Reboulet look like sluggers (George Strief).

A good game for Span, to be sure. But if he ever gets an award for it, his acceptance speech should make sure to include thanks to Magglio Ordonez for making it all possible. Slow and disinterested is no way to play right field.

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  1. Ed, Reusse recently opined that renting Lee for a few months is worthless for a team that seemingly has lost its chance for achieving something special, or "glory," as he phrases it. Do you agree? I haven't given up on such glory. If anything, I think the stakes have become even higher. The Twins are still a much better team than either the Sox or the Tigers. Aggressively trying to improve the club might set the tone for the second half of the season. Besides, Reusse completely fails to mention that the Twins will get a couple of draft picks for the use of Lee with which they can refill the minor league system.