Friday, June 25, 2010

Shuffling the roster

Photo above: Orlando Hudson figured he can't hit Yovani Gallardo with a bat, so he tried it without one.

The Twins get swept by the Brewers, and suddenly the Tigers are just a half-game back and the White Sox 2.5 back.

We can sum up Thursday's debacle thusly: Nick Blackburn (2010 ERA: 6.10) makes it easy to lose games, and Yovani Gallardo (12 strikeouts and no walks) made it impossible to win that game.

The TV boys started speculating about moving Blackburn to the bullpen to make room for Brian Duensing in the rotation. (Duensing had 3.1 shutout innings in relief Thursday, 47 pitches.) I have no idea if there's fire to that smoke, but 6.10 in late June is 6.10. Sidney Ponson didn't get this much rope.

And Brendan Harris finally got keelhauled, with the immortal Jason Repko called up. Repko isn't going to wedge his way into the lineup on a daily basis (I hope), but he is a legit center fielder and can't hit any worse than Harris has this season.

One thing this indicates is that Ron Gardenhire seems ever more intent on using Michael Cuddyer at third base. I am not enthused by that prospect. But this team isn't providing much reason to be enthused this week.

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  1. Ed, any speculation about how the less than average defensive outfield (especially missing Gomez) is hurting Blackburn and Slowey? Aren't they considered fly-ball pitchers?