Monday, June 21, 2010

Pavano, pitching

Sunday's was likely the best start Carl Pavano will have all year. It was hardly his first, or only strong outing.

One of the frequent rationales offered for signing a veteran starter is that he serves as a mentor to the younger pitchers. True or not, it has to be said that Scott Baker, Kevin Slowey and Nick Blackburn have not improved with Pavano as a teammate, and in some ways appear to have regressed.

But Pavano is earning his keep on the days he starts. I don't have a serious problem with the "quality start" stat, but I have a slightly stricter standard for it in my mind -- six or more innings pitched with a game ERA under 4. (Six innings with three earned runs is a "quality start" by the conventional standard; my standard requires six inning of two earned runs or seven innings of three.)

By either standard, Pavano has racked up 10 quality starts in 14 tries. That's a very solid performance. Only seven American League pitchers have more conventional QS than Pavano.

He's fifth in the league this morning in innings pitched and sixth in WHIP -- Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched --largely because he walks about one man per nine innings. The strikeout rate is unimpressive but acceptable, and he's been vulnerable to the home run (11 so far).

He's had two lousy starts, two mediocre starts (if eight innings and four runs is mediocre) and, obviously 10 good ones. Not an ace, but a good starting pitcher.

And, given that I haven't shaved my upper lip since May 1975, I can't even beef about his moustache.


  1. his ability to stay healthy continues to be an issue. durability concerns abound. time to trade him at top dollar is waning.

    Twins catching prospect Wilson Ramos is expected to miss seven to 10 days with a strained oblique muscle, according to Twins minor league director Jim Rantz.
    Ramos, who could be a key trade chip for the Twins this summer, injured himself in Saturday's game for Class AAA Rochester. Catcher Allan de San Miguel has been promoted from Class A Fort Myers to help handle the catching duties for Rochester.
    Ramos, 22, is batting .218 with four home runs and 18 RBI for the Red Wings. He batted .296 with three doubles in seven games for the Twins when Joe Mauer suffered a bruised left heel.

  2. Ed, are you preparing to jump on the Delmon Young bandwagon? I've been reading lots of positive stuff about how he's finally showing the potential the team though they were getting two years ago. I'm ready to remove him from the complete bust category but I'm not prepared to hand over a full-time outfield position to him yet. Let's check back in the summer of 2011.