Thursday, June 17, 2010

Notes, quotes and comments

Akinori Iwamura (pictured) has been designated for assignment by the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are going to use the roster space for primo prospect Pedro Alvarez.

Iwamura is the Pirates' highest paid player, but he's lost his second base job to Neil Walker and is blocked at third base by Alvarez.

Theoretically, Iwamura would be a good option for the Twins at third base. But I'm wary of him right now:

  • As poorly as Nick Punto has hit this year (.241/.314/.307), his numbers are better than Iwamura has (.182/.292/.262).
  • Iwamura had significant knee surgery last season, and his defensive range is said to have been lacking this year.

This probably isn't the time to grab him. (But if the Pirates will swap him for Brendan Harris, that's fine by me.)


Let's see ... noon game after a night game, both teams jetting out of town after the game, and a power pitcher matchup of Ubaldo Jimenez (1.19 ERA, 57 hits in 93.1 innings) versus Francisco Liriano.

Runs should be really scarce today at Target Field. (Now watch; it'll be a 9-7 final with neither starter making it out of the fourth inning.)


I don't know what's gone haywire with the poll. I do know I'm not unique.


Jamie Moyer, age 47, after beating the Yankees on Wednesday:

I don't think that I'm old. So I don't believe it. Regardless of what people think or say, I still feel like I can go out and compete, and that's my ultimate job.


  1. Ron Gardenhire is comforable with Drew Butera on the roster becasue he is an A+ catch & throw guy and Morales is deficient in that dept. Very, very important we are told-- more important than having a bat as a back-up C.

    (Ramos has to stay down to develop and get ABs right)


    Butera cannot call a good game (which is a larger part of being a defensive catcher).

    last 3 starts Son of Sal has gotten:

    different SP each time...bad game for that starter.

    Braves, A's and now with today's Rockies and ace Liriano

    each game Twins down big out of the chute.


  2. Twins were 12-6 last season in games started by Morales at Catcher.

    Butera- pitcher's ERA is 4.20 when he is catching...420 PA

    Mauer- ERA 3.57...1745 PA

    Mauer- ERA 4.29 ...4044 PA
    Redmond- ERA 5.31 ...1456 PA
    Jose Morales- ERA 4.07 ...774 PA

    Why are the Twins carrying Butera's bat now that Morales is healthy?

  3. Ed, would you trade Ramos for Clyde Lee?

  4. I assume you mean Cliff Lee.

    I plan to do my Monday print column on the subject and don't want to steal my thunder, but yes, I would agree with making Ramos the centerpiece of a Lee trade.

  5. Oops. Who the Brant Alyea is Clyde Lee? It must have been late here when I typed that. I'm looking forward to your take on bait for Lee.