Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Notes, quotes and comments

Wilson Ramos, the Twins catching prospect and primo trade chip (pictured) , will miss at least a week with a strained oblique muscle.

This does not damage his trade value. It doesn't require the reconstruction of a joint, it doesn't require surgery, it doesn't figure to be long-lasting. Rest it, heal it, and nobody will remember it a week after he's back.


Rick Porcello, who did such a fine job for the Detroit Tigers last season as a 20-year-old rookie, has been returned to the minors.

Which happens with a 4-7, 6.14 line. His walk rate is about where it was last year, but his K rate is down — and it was too low last season.

The line on him last year was that he was deliberately avoiding strikeouts in order to keep his pitch counts down. But pitching just doesn't work that way. If he doesn't learn to miss bats, he will not become a star.


First Akinori Iwamura, now Edwin Encarnacion — another third baseman on the market. Encarnacion was DFA'd Monday by Toronto.

The Twins should pass on him too.


ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick has this column on Justin Morneau.


Ron Gardenhire, from this Pioneer Press piece on Joe Mauer's "slump":

"We could watch video and I could show you probably 25 balls that he's lined out. I guarantee, most hitters, you might see 10. Mauer you'd see 25, maybe 30 balls where he's lined out. Rockets hit at people. It all evens out; that's what they say. Well, let me tell you, right now, Joe's got about two weeks of base hits (coming) to even out."

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