Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Target: Home-road splits, take 3

Summer has now officially arrived, which is a bit of a reminder — even though the Twins have had more than 1,100 plate appearances in Target Field, it's far too soon to declare that we know how the park plays.

Too soon, and yet the impression has been made: The new park is seen as a tough home run park.

Here's the reality of the numbers so far:

Hitters, home: The Twins have played 36 games at Target Field, scoring 180 runs (5.00 runs per game). They've hit 19 home runs at home (.53 per game) and have slash stats of .286/.369/.416

Hitters, road: The Twins have scored 149 runs in 33 road games (4.52 R/G), hitting 42 home runs (1.27). Slash stats: .258/.326/.422

Pitchers, home: 124 runs allowed (3.44); 31 homers (.86); slash stats .247/.291/.390

Pitchers, road: 150 runs (4.55); 36 homers (1.09); .285/.331/.448

The Twins are being out-homered home and road, but the disparity has been much greater at home.

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