Monday, June 14, 2010

Imagining a trade

The idea with both Danny Valencia and Trevor Plouffe has been: If they're on the 25-man roster, they're playing.

So it struck me that Brendan Harris (above) was in the starting lineup both Saturday and Sunday, with Valencia on the bench. Not that Valencia has been incredible since he came up, but ...

Then the germ of an idea struck me.

Harris has a bit more than 1.5 years left on his contract with the Twins. Let's estimate he has $3 million coming on that.

Mike Lowell, the third-wheel third baseman of the Boston Red Sox, has a bit more than half the season left of his $12.5 million contract. Let's ballpark that as $7 million left.

The Twins aren't happy with their third base play. The Red Sox have had injury and depth issues in their middle infield all year.

Lowell and $4 million for Harris? Yeah, I think I'd do that if I were the Twins.

If I were the Red Sox ... well, I'd be curious about why Harris is hitting .160. Curious enough to want to scout him specifically.

Where the Twins showcasing Harris for a trade? Maybe. I'd feel more confident in this theory if he'd played one of those games at shortstop.


  1. thank god, Get rid of him and Jesse Crain. They are both garbage.

  2. should look at Akinori Iwamura. 0wed 4.85M this season, what's probably left this year, 2.75M?

    absolutely horrid this season in the NL for Pirates and got benched for Neil Walker.

    has a history of being an excellant glove man (should appease Gardy's protect the pitchers mantra), and adequate success in the AL with TB.

    ideal 2-hole hitter...check!

    (which fits for Twins as well)

    last season of his contract...check!

    can play 3rd or 2nd base. Pirates always willing to trade. return him to the AL.

    a low level 2nd tier prospect and Pitt. paying 1M of what's left on his deal should make a trade happen.

  3. I hope you are right. The Twins need to address the complete lack of production from too many players. One-dimensional players can be tolerated but not a raft of them. I still think they need to address the backup outfielder situation as well. An outfield of Cuddyer, Young, and Kubel is evidence for starting pitchers to sue for malpractice.