Friday, June 18, 2010

Resting Joe Mauer (and his power)

There was no shortage of griping Thursday (including from my esteemed colleague Chad Courrier) over Ron Gardenhire's decision to sit Joe Mauer.

It wasn't a surprising decision: day game after night game, getaway day, Mauer had taken numerous foul tips in the previous games. Catchers never play 162 games, seldom even 150. They shouldn't.

I have a certain sympathy with those fans who pay for big-dollar tickets and don't get to see Mauer play.

But I will never criticize Gardenhire for deciding that his star catcher needs a break, nor Mauer for taking one. I am far more likely to question the decision to play him under the circumstances of Thursday, as I did in April.

And I have my money where my mouth is. I have tickets for a game next month, $80 seats, a getaway-day midweek nooner, and while I always want to see Mauer catch, I do not expect to see him. I don't expect it, because I believe it's for the better of both Mauer and the Twins for him to get time off.


Here's a clear-eyed analysis of Joe Mauer's home run shortage this season.


  1. Ed
    I also have tix for that Cleveland game...thanks for pointing it out to us fans that we probably won't see alot of Joe that day :( Seems like with days off/travel days/road games that the 'rest' emphasis could be placed on the away games!

  2. After missing nearly three weeks with a left wrist injury, second baseman Orlando Hudson is back in the Twins lineup tonight at Philadelphia. Hudson will take the place of LHP Jose Mijares, who was reportedly placed on the family emergency list.

    With the Twins forced to drop the designated hitter on this nine-game road trip through the National League, manager Ron Gardenhire is forced to be creative if he wants to include all of his big guns in the lineup.

    That's why Michael Cuddyer will start at third base tonight in Philadelphia for the first time since 2005.

    Cuddyer played 95 games at third in 2005, making 15 errors, and he hasn't been back since.

    This is the second nostalgic position switch this season for Cuddyer, who also played second base on May 31 at Seattle.

  3. the curious case of Glen Perkins.

    last start for the red wings:

    6IP 11H/5R/2K/1 HR allowed.

    he needs a change of scenery, maybe Dave Duncan can fix him.

    needs to throw his slider more to be effective, but when he does he breaks down. injury-prone.

  4. Sano has his average up to .333 with 6BB/13K, and an OPS of .991

    money well spent.

    but still 4 years away from the bigs...just about the time Punto will morph into a full-time Utility Infielder role.