Saturday, April 30, 2011

Target Field aesethics, year two

The "Twins Tower" to the right of the right field
video board is much more effective from a distance.
A couple of notes about the look of the second season of Target Field now that I've made two trips:

*My Opening Day seats were in the right field seats, and as you can see from the accompanying photo my wife took during the pre-game introductions, the new "Twins Tower" loses something up close. It's much better from a distance, as seen from the other photo, made Thursday from Section 319 when Rene Tosoni came to the plate for his first major-league at-bat.

*Remember the flap late last season when Target Center put up a large billboard for a Fargo-based health services company? And how FSN immediately changed its standard "look at the stadium" shot from the view of the Minneapolis skyline from behind home plate to the view from the outfield?

The Twins probably aren't any happier with the billboard, but they're no longer publicly whining about having their audience hijacked. FSN is showing its skyline shot again -- and, probably no coincidence, has a sponsor for in-game injury-health reports: The same Fargo-based health services company whose name and logo "graces" the Target Center billboard.

Money, as the song says, changes everything.

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