Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An example of why I don't take Charter cable anymore

As I write this from work, the Twins game is on -- or at least available -- on FSN at my home, which has Hickory Tech cable. Here at the Free Press, however, the Charter service is showing poker.

Charter (and, I understand, some other carriers) are arguing with FSN over the "extra" 45 games that in recent years had been carried by WFTC. Charter's regional HQ in Rochester sent the Free Press an email saying, in essence, that FSN is asking too much and we're still negotiating.

I've no doubt FSN is Greedy with a capital G and I've no doubt Charter is too. Somehow, however, the issue isn't a problem for Hickory Tech.


  1. So, does that mean Charter won't show us any games, or just cut out 45?

  2. Showing 105 games this season,

    45 games are in peril...

    44 now i guess after last night's no show.