Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pic of the week

This play made Baseball Tonight's Web Gems.
This features former Twin Jose Morales, now the reserve catcher for Colorado, getting thrown out at home on Saturday.

Actually, it involves two former Twins, one of whom isn't in the photo. The Pittsburgh outfielder who gunned down Morales is Garrett Jones.

It's a odd little play, really. Jones is more a first baseman than an outfielder; he doesn't really have the arm to play right. Morales is a catcher who suffered a severely broken ankle a few years ago; he can't run. Ryan Doumit, the catcher who applied the tag, is (like Morales) a bat-first catcher with defensive limitations.

So we have here an outfielder who can't throw nailing a baserunner who can't run with the aid of a catcher who can't catch. All the weaknesses came together to make this photo.

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