Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pic of the Week

The Milwaukee Brewers work out in the Cincinnati park
on Wednesday, the day before the opener.
A few days ago I lamented the demise of the newspaper box score. As I said, the Free Press downgraded its stats package and no longer receives all the boxes.

We haven't, however, downgraded our photo package. We have access to more good photos than we can use.

So  I'm going to try this notion: Each Sunday I'll post here my Pic of the Week. The only rules are:

  • It will be baseball-related.
  • It won't be a photo we used in the paper.
  • It won't be a photo I used in the blog. 

I'm trying to give you a little something extra, so if I remember even seeing it in one of the metros, I probably won't select it for this.

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