Friday, April 8, 2011

At the opener

I am, about 90 minutes before first pitch, seated in the right field seats at Target Field, a brat in the belly, watching Oakland take BP. The new "twi-fi" seems pretty solid. I'll add as the spirit moves me.

Life is good.


They're showing the Oliva statue dedication on the big board, and Tony-O says tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the day he left Cuba. Wow.

Twi-fi seems a lot slower now. Not sure how much more blogging I'll try to do.



  1. I was at the game and man, it was sure nice to see some lights out pitching from the twins today. Here's to Pavano with the first quality start of the year! Luke Hughes looked decent at second, although he could have impressed more on both offense and defense.

    I don't know if you experienced this or not but my friends and I had almost a complete lack of cell phone coverage. We tried to make calls throughout the stadium on our annual walk around, but for whatever reason, the service (as well as 3g) just wasn't there for Verizon or T-mobile. AT&T seemed to struggle but we could get calls through eventually, and there was a ton of interference. I can't see a relationship between the two but would the Twi-fi have anything to do with that? Did you notice anything? It wasn't a huge inconvenience but it was rather odd, and I know my phone has worked there before.

  2. Such interference is the stadium's way of nudging you to put your phone in your pocket and enjoy the game!