Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poll gone, a comment gone

I deleted the poll because there appears to be some sort of silly glitch involved that is creating literally hundreds of fictional visitors to the blog. (Eight-hundred plus as of this morning supposedly going straight to the poll, which had all of 24 votes.)

Google has not acknowledged this, nor has it fixed it. And while I am not particularly driven by the pursuit of hits, I am this week more interested in an accurate count than usual because of the Charter-blackout topic, which appears to be bringing more readers than usual.

Had it been an interesting, unique poll question, I'd feel worse about deleting it. Discarding it isn't much of a loss.


While on the topic of me deleting stuff: I deleted a comment on the subject of Charter on Wednesday. I axed it not because it was critical of Charter, but because it contained a mild vulgarity and some shouting.

It's my blog, and I am judge, jury and executioner. It's OK to criticize Charter and FSN over this dispute, but if I don't like the tone, it's gone. Just wanted to make that clear. (I have deleted fewer than five comments since the blog moved to this platform, so it hasn't been a real problem.)

1 comment:

  1. Casilla batted .200 in spring training.

    batting .167 so far.

    Nishi having his own troubles.

    Tolbert and Plouffe the back up plans.

    Hardy in blt strictly because of money.

    Had to get faster in the Infield for 2011 though!

    One Mauer injury from the top pick in the 2012 draft.

    Billy Smith, GM of the Titanic

    Akinori Iwamura got hurt the same way Nishi did. Trying to turn a DP. Torn ACL plus other knee stuff. MLB career went to pot afterwards. No mobility after his recovery.

    Swisher gave Nishi his welcome to the Majors moment.

    Turning a double play and hard baseball.

    The Japanese Jinx, Part 2.

    Let's hope Nishi only has a sprained knee and misses a couple weeks.

    Because I am sure he learned his lesson.