Friday, July 10, 2009

Swept by Team Syringe

(That's slightly unfair to the Yankees, who have lost most of the known steroid users who've populated its roster in the last decade. Still, they have Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettite, and a number of others I regard as suspect. Plus I'm never very inclined to be kind to the Yankees. If it' sour grapes, so be it.)

These three games were more discouraging than the four games in the Bronx Bandbox in May. In many ways, the Twins played well in that road series. In this series — even though two of the games were superficially close — the Twins were really never in any of the games.

The starting pitchers nibbled. Well, maybe not Francisco Liriano; he just plain didn't throw strikes often enough, which has always been an issue. Brendan Harris, as detailed in a previous posting, sabotaged Anthony Swarzak's start on Wednesday; on Thursday, Harris sat and it was Matt Tolbert with a pivotal misplay.

I'm not going to dwell on this fiasco any further.

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