Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A (pointless) rant on the non bunts

10-2 is 10-2. You get beat by that score, there's no one thing to point to as the reason. You just got your clock cleaned.

And having made that concession to reality ...

Those who've read me over the years know that I am a big advocate of bunting on power pitchers. Most of them — almost all of them — hate fielding bunts. Their follow-throughs generally leave them off balance. They often throw poorly to the bases. Bob Gibson was a superb fielding pitcher; you'd have a hard time coming up with another power pitcher who was a Gold Glover.

CC Sabathia is not only a power pitcher, he's fat. He hates getting off the mound to field a bunt.

Add to that the current word on the post-operative Alex Rodriguez at third base — that word is "immobile" — and you have an obvious recipe for the Twins on Tuesday night. Bunt.

Build the lineup with that in mind. First two guys up, bunt. Maybe even the third (Joe Mauer is perhaps the best bunter on the team.) Make CC move his fat self. Get into his head. (Carlos Gomez last year, explaining why he bunted repeatedly against Justin Verlander of the Tigers: He is a great pitcher, but his mind is weak. Sabathia has been known to lose his composure when bunted on repeatedly.)

Make him move, make A-Rod move.

And to hear Bremer and Blyleven chatter on the tube coming into the game, the Twins had that in mind. The Twins want to bunt and run on Sabathia.

So what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If anybody even showed bunt, I missed it.

Of course, by the time Carlos Gomez came up, the Twins were down three runs and the bunt probably wasn't in order.

But Denard Span certainly could have tried to bunt for a hit in the first inning. While I'm not sure I've ever seen Brendan Harris try to bunt for a hit, it sure couldn't work any worse than what he's been doing lately at the plate. He is now 2-for-23 this month.

Yes, 10-2 is 10-2. They could have at least made Sabathia work a bit.

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  1. Yup. It would have at least made for a more interesting game.