Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Run Derby

I'm satisfied with Joltin' Joe Mauer's performance Monday in the Home Run Derby. He didn't get goose-egged, a la a certain Detroit Tiger, and by getting eliminated without going to the second round, he probably didn't overexert himself on a theoretical night off.

I'm not inclined to get too wound up about the supposed dangers of the Derby — that players wear themselves out for the season and/or screw up their swings trying to hit three dozen long balls. Justin Morneau's September slump last year may be been because he was weary, but that can hardly be blamed on one night in July. That was months in the making.

Still, Mauer is a catcher, and fatigue is always a factor at that position. Plus his batting has fallen off in the last week or so. So a short night is a plus for him.

I'm writing this while the Derby is still going on — truth is, I stopped watching after Mauer was eliminated in the swing-off. A little of that ESPN crew goes a long, long way with me these days, and I'd seen all I needed.

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  1. Ed, you're the first writer I've read today that was satisfied with Joe's performance. I agree. Joe did a good job. Almost nobody does well their first year in the derby. He didn't embarrass himself at all. I say, "good show, Joe!"