Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long loss; Slowey to DL

A colleague speculated during Friday night's game that Kevin Slowey (left) must be hurt. And sure enough, the Twins put him on the disabled list after the 16-inning marathon.

It was Slowey's second straight lousy start, but he says the wrist only started hurting Friday. His belief is that it's related to the line drive that hit him in his final start of 2008.

So Anthony Swarzak gets the callup. Since the Twins have another off day coming up between the Tigers and Yankees, he'll serve as bullpen reinforcement first, then slide into Slowey's rotation slot.

One thing this does, at least for a bit, is dampen speculation that the Twins could trade Swarzak or another starter for a relief pitcher or middle infielder.

* I like this year's red "flag cap" more than last year's blue. But lordy, the red one and the blue uniform top don't work together. And I'm not all that likely to spend $35 for any cap these days.

* Jose Mijares, whose struggles versus righties appeared to have pushed him into a LOOGY role, had a strong two-inning stint Friday. No hits, no walks, three strikeouts, five first-pitch strikes to seven hitters, 24 strikes total to just eight balls. The only baserunner struck out. He even got five right-handers out.

* Happy Fourth of July, dear readers.

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