Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All-Star game

* Typical Joe Mauer: A line-drive double (to left field) to drive in the game-tying run. Scored another run. And he saw 14 pitches in his three plate appearances. Ichiro saw the same number; nobody on either team saw more.

* Somebody at the AP identified the pitcher Mauer's talking to at right as Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. Uh, no — Hamilton's an outfielder. That's Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays.

On the other hand, maybe it was Hamilton, and that's how the National League scored three runs in the second inning.

* Joe Nathan turned what started out as yet another routine inning for the AL pitchers into a nail-biter with a walk and a single. But he struck out Ryan Howard to end the threat.

*Justin Morneau was 0-for-2 but had a near extra-base hit denied in the ninth inning.

*And that greatest of the Mankato Mashers, Curtis Granderson, came through big-time for the AL with his eighth-inning triple.

Box score here.

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  1. According to www.twinkietown.com/2009/7/15/949769/al-beats-nl-4-3 that is Edwin Jackson (clicking on the photo then says it's Josh Hamilton). However upon closer inspection, it is indeed Roy Halladay.

    Moral of the story: He may be the head of trade rumors right now, but still no one can recognize Roy Halladay.