Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 greatest Twins comment string

As promised in the Monday column, here's a place to argue with me on my list on the 10 greatest Twins.

My list:

1) Harmon Killebrew
2) Kirby Puckett
3) Rod Carew
4) Joe Mauer
5) Tony Oliva
6) Bert Blyleven
7) Johan Santana
8 and 9) Kent Hrbek and Justin Morneau (tied)
10) Torii Hunter

I could easily have picked Jim Kaat over Hunter.

The poll on the best change up was pretty overwhelming: 13 picked Santana, one Frank Viola, and nobody went for Brad Radke or Eddie Guardado. No real surprise there.

The new poll, as you might have guessed, ties into the Monday column yet again.


  1. It's really hard to disagree with any of your picks, Ed. I'm glad to see you pick my boyhood hero, Harmon, as #1. I would, too. I think the only one I would pick differently would be Kaat over Hunter. While Torii was a valuable player for a few years, Kitty was a tremendous ironman of a pitcher for a long time. I think he would deserve the pick over Hunter on my list.

  2. I continue to think that Hunter was overrated. He played excellent defense, and his offensive numbers stood out for a few years. However, he rarely was able to "carry" the team like many of the other members of your list. Plus, he continues to be unable to hit a breaking ball low and away. I gather than guys like Walter Johnson and Sam Rice don't qualify for your list?

  3. BS2: Yes, Minnesota Twins only for this list, not the old Senators.

    If it were a franchise list, obviously the Big Train would be on top, and (off the top of my head) I'd find room for Goose Goslin and maybe Rice or Joe Cronin. Griffith Stadium was, for most of its use, a miserable park to hit for power, but Rice didn't hit for power anywhere (lifetime SLG .427, which ain't much for a .322 hitter).