Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poll results

On the question of who's the best defensive player on the Twins — really an unanswerable apples-to-oranges thing, since Carlos Gomez (above) couldn't play catcher like Joe Mauer and Mauer couldn't play center as well as Go-Go — here are the results (17 total votes):

Gomez 9 (52 percent)
Mauer 6 (35)
Joe Crede 1 (5)
Somebody else 1 (5)
Nick Punto 0 (0)

Not sure who the somebody else is. Justin Morneau, probably. I can't see any real reason for anybody to put Denard Span or Michael Cuddyer ahead of Gomez, or any other infielder ahead of Punto.

Next poll question up.

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