Monday, October 25, 2010

Target Field of dispute

The Star Tribune this morning published a Minnesota Poll on the lack of public support for a new Vikings stadium.

It's built, but that doesn't
mean everybody's happy
about it.
What struck this baseball fan was the poll's findings on Target Field:

While 40 percent still say the subsidy was not worth it, the poll shows that the level of approval for the public subsidy for Target Field has risen to 48 percent, up from 29 percent four years ago, before construction had started.

My initial thought was that 40 percent seemed high. I've heard only one person grumble about the public money since the stadium opened.

But ... I'm not necessarily that plugged into public opinion on this topic. I'm not running scientific polls; I'm writing a baseball blog that draws readership and reaction from baseball fans. I'm not running for office and going door-to-door. I'm in touch with people who have an interest in baseball and/or know me personally. It's a self-selecting audience.

Certainly people can both admire the park and detest the financing. In my ideal world, governments wouldn't be building stadia, but that horse escaped the barn long ago.

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  1. What's anybody gonna do about it anyway? It's built. Like it or not, it's the home of the Twins for who knows how many years. They needed a place like that, the Dome just didn't cut it for baseball. But my wife hates it, and I'd rather watch from the recliner in my living room. Still, I was there twice this year, and it's a great ballpark.

    No, I don't think the Vikes need to be going to the legislature looking for a hand-out. Maybe Hennepin County will cut them a deal, too.