Monday, October 4, 2010

Morneau definitely out for the playoffs

There'll be no Justin
Morneau highlights this
October either.
Last week's workouts apparently triggered a return of the post-concussion symptoms, and so Justin Morneau and the Twins have agreed to shut him down and aim for spring training.

Key quote from Morneau:

"I think the biggest thing the doctor said to me was, 'I'm confident you'll get better, confident you'll be ready for spring training, but if you go out there and get hit again, I don't want you to be feeling like this when you're 50.' That's kind of what made me realize that there is the potential for this to carry on for a long time and I think that's definitely what we're trying to avoid."  

The optimistic scenario of him returning as a pinch-hitter for either the second round or the World Series always seemed a stretch to me. This, I believe, is for the best. Nobody wants him feeling like this when he's 50.

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