Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poll stuff

There were two parts to last week's poll, in which readers were asked to predict who would go to the World Series.

Home team optimism reigned, as expected, on the American League question. Of the 61 responses, 32 (51 percent) picked the Twins. Fourteen (22 percent) picked the Yankees; nine (14 percent) Tampa Bay; and six (9 percent) Texas. The Twins percentage, as might be expected, dwindled as the week progressed, and the Yankees percentage rose. For most of the week, the Yankees ran third.

For the National League, Philadelphia blew out its rivals all week. We had 45 responses, of which 33 (73 percent) picked the Phillies. Eight (17 percent) went with San Francisco, three (6 percent) with Cincinnati and just one (2 percent) Atlanta.

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