Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spring training mistake

Elvis Andrus stole third and
home in the first inning
It was just one run — albeit the first run, which is always big — in a game the Texas Rangers won by five, but it came on a delayed double steal.

I said last week after the Rangers twice scored runs from second base on ground ball outs that the Yankees don't often make what Joe Maddon called "spring training mistakes."

Allowing a delayed double steal probably qualifies as that.


Poll stuff: The question last week was why the Yankees have the Twins number. There were 46 responses.

Twenty-three (50 percent) say the Yankees are in the Twins' heads; 19 (41 percent) say the Yankees strengths match the Twins weaknesses; two (4 percent) blame luck and umpires; and two (4 percent) say the Yankees are simply the best team around.

New poll up.

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