Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not their year, once again

I knew in the first inning that Brian Duensing wasn't on his game. He got out of the inning without allowing a run, but the Yankees were hitting the ball in the air, and that simply won't work. Not in that ball park, not against that lineup. Sooner or later, those outfield flies are going over the wall.

My sense that the Twins could beat the Yankees this year was based on two concepts:

  • That Francisco Liriano, Carl Pavano and Duensing (and Nick Blackburn) could keep the ball in the park;
  • That the Yankee rotation was fragile.

In the actual event, the Yankees hit at least one homer in each game, and Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes pitched well -- better than ace CC Sabathia.

Nothing fragile about the defending champs, at least not in this series.


  1. We should thank the Yankees - for showing us that our team is clearly not as good as we were led to believe it was. As the fuss over the new ball park dies down so will the crowd...and the payroll. Morneau - career possibly over, a weak playoff lineup, and by most accounts a weak minor league system don't bode well for the future.

  2. So, three games in the playoffs tells you more about a team than 162 during the season? That's total BS. The playoffs are a total crapshoot. Enjoy it when they win, but don't put too much into it when they lose.

  3. Not really.. 3 and out is proof. I am and will always be a Twins fan - and the lows go with the highs.