Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ron Gardenhire and Hunter Wendelstadt

It really isn't a surprise that at some point in this series Ron Gardenhire and Hunter Wendelstadt would be at odds. They have a history of disputations, and I doubt there's a Twins series umped by Wendlestadt in which there haven't been sparks.

What is a surprise is that the TBS boys apparently have no clue about the history between the two.

I wish that when I commented Wednesday that I didn't like that Wendelstadt would be umping the plate in Game Two I'd been more forceful about predicting the coming problem. It was really inevitable from the moment MLB assigned Wendelstadt to this series.

So Wendelstadt blew a call, which gave Lance Berkman a free pitch, which he drilled, and then he ejected Gardenhire for telling him (again) Gardy's opinion of Wendelstadt. I share Gardy's opinion, but my view doesn't count.

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