Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pennant chase daze

It's been more than a month since Justin Morneau took a knee to the head while breaking up a double play, and the concussion's effects linger. He'll be back when he's back. Unless he isn't.

He's had concussions before, and while much is unknown about these brain injuries, one concussion is thought to make the next all the more likely, and there is doubtless some cumulative effect as well.

Under those circumstances, a batting helmet — even the newfangled helmets the major leaguers are resisting on the basis of their dorky appearance — may not be sufficient protection from a fastball to the noggin. Or a shortstop's knee in the temple, as in Morneau's early-July injury.

So the Twins will stick for the foreseeable future with Michael Cuddyer at first, as they did last season down the stretch, and the heedless will deride Morneau as soft.

Which he isn't. Even if he were, so what? We each get one brain to play with per lifetime and no more.

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  1. Excellent post, Ed.

    As a recent concussion sufferer, I get it now. Used to wonder why guys couldn't play at least baseball ... but maybe this is someone's way to tell me that concussions are nothing to mess with.

    Holding a complete thought at times is difficult, and the headaches never seem to go away. Those are not two good parts of an equation when facing a Major League fastball.