Friday, August 13, 2010

Inelegant effectiveness

It wasn't elegant, but it was effective.

Francisco Liriano didn't make it through six innings. He allowed seven hits (to be sure, two of them didn't get out of the infield), walked two, hit two. He got 17 outs while allowing 11 baserunners.

Three times the White Sox loaded the bases. But only once did they score.

Inelegant pitching? Absolutely. But a good sight for Twins fans anyway, to see Liriano — who last year essentially admitted that he had trouble keeping his composure — wriggle out of jams.

This was an inelegant series. The losing team in all three games did things to embarrass themselves. Getting picked off; failing to turn pick offs into outs; committing balks.

But Twins fans will take the result — two out of three in the White Sox's home park and a return to first place in the AL Central.

Inelegant but eloquent: The Sox Machine blog (a link to which sits on my siderail) is two blogs in one. Sox Machine talks about issues involving the White Sox; State of the Sox does game recaps.

The recap for Thursday's game has no words, just this picture.

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  1. Tend to like words in a blog, but I have to admit I liked the Sox blog you posted a link to. Listening to the Chisox announcers on TV here in Iowa made this a wonderfully entertaining series, even if, as you so correctly put it, it wasn't exactly stellar baseball.