Monday, August 30, 2010

Notes, quotes and comment

For those readers who care about the Milwaukee Brewers — there are some — I offer this amusing link.


Bob Feller (pictured above) is one of my favorite figures in baseball history -- a legendary fireballing pitcher and war hero, a man of blunt opinion who knows what he's accomplished, a man of standards not afraid to call out those he think has violated those standards. He is, I'm sure, as flawed as any other human, but ... well, our beagle is named Feller in his honor.

Rapid Robert, now 91, is fighting leukemia. The disease had better not dig in too deeply on him.


Manny Ramirez is to join the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday, and he is expected to cut his dreadlocks in accordance with rules laid down by owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

Yeah. We'll see how that goes.

Here's Ozzie Guillen on Manny and the hair rule:

"If Jerry has any problem with his hair or the way he wears his uniform, they got to go directly to him. That's not my department. Guys can go out there buck naked, and if they win games for me, I'm happy."

Uh, don't give Ramirez any ideas.

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  1. I see Manny either being a big success or an instant problem: no middle ground here. If I were a Sox fan, though, I'd be happy about the pick up.