Sunday, August 8, 2010

Notes on a Saturday

I may be in the minority, but I liked the old-time replica uniforms the Twins wore Saturday. But then, the history of segregated baseball fascinates me, and while the St. Paul Gophers are a small footnote in the history of Black ball, remembering that they existed is worth our while.


At this writing, it's unclear how badly Alexi Casilla is injured. The Twins intend to activate Orlando Hudson; if it were my call, I'd put Casilla on the disabled list and keep Trevor Plouffe (above) around until the next infielder (be it Nick Punto or Casilla) is ready to return. This constant dragging around a bench player who isn't able to play is ridiculous.


Poll results: The question of whether the Twins will regret trading Wilson Ramos drew 49 responses.

Twenty eight — 57 percent — said it's worth it if Matt Capps helps in October. Thirteen — 27 percent — said Ramos is overhyped. Eight — 16 percent — said Ramos is going to be a star.

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