Monday, August 30, 2010

The glass half-full road trip

The Twins have a an off day today. They need one. So do I.

There was a lot to grouse about on this just finished road trip.

The most important: The defense was in can't-make-a-play mode too often for a suddenly anemic offense. The first game of the trip and the last were winnable games lost because the fielders — while not being charged with errors —failed to get outs that were there.

I'm sure Ron Gardenhire has noticed this stuff all season, but he got a bit vocal about it after Sunday's loss, citing the seventh inning fly ball Delmon Young played into a single (photo) and the potential double play Orlando Hudson couldn't turn.

The anemic offense part of the trip is another item. The Twins scored one run in each of the last two games of the trip. They scored 20 runs in the seven games — 2.85 per game. In that light, 3-4 (with three one-run losses) is better than they deserved.

Despite their impressive record with Justin Morneau sidelined, they really need Morneau back. But from what is publicly known, he has yet to have a symptom-free day, which means his return is hardly imminent.

On the other hand:

  • Nick Blackburn is showing signs of being a useful starter again.
  • The Twins appear to have deepened their bullpen and fixed their sudden shortage of left-handed arms.
  • They only lost a half-game in the standings to the Chicago White Sox.

Glass half-full, glass half-empty.

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  1. Delmon is starting to look like he could play left field, in addition to batting. If he can't make a play once in a while, that's better than he was doing before. Hudson, on the other hand, if he can ever stay healthy, might be able to play second, if he can get the ball out of his glove. At least he isn't Brendan Harris trying to play second! And at least we have Casilla!