Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweep, sweep, sweep

Joe Mauer for the series: 8-for-14, five runs, three RBIs.
Delmon Young: 4-for-9, four runs, two homers, four RBIs.
One win would have gotten the job done.

Two wins, even better.

And the sweep ... well, it feels almost like overkill.

I don't think the Twins played all that well in Chicago. None of the starters got into the seventh inning. There are still a distressing number of infield throws that elude Michael Cuddyer. There are still too many baserunner blunders, still too many outfield mishaps.

But the lineup, even without Justin Morneau. remains deep. And after a series in Cleveland in which runs were scarce, they pounded the White Sox's three best starters for 16 runs. Four off John Danks on Tuesday. Six runs off Gavin Floyd on Wednesday. Six runs off Mark Buehrle on Thursday.

Starting pitching is the strength of the White Sox.  The Twins made it look like a weakness.

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