Thursday, September 30, 2010

And now, a bit of good news

About the only positive development for the Twins during the just-completed 1-5 road swing: Justin Morneau has had enough good days of late that he may take part in the full workout today.

Justin Morneau's 18 home runs still
rank fourth on the club.
Ron Gardenhire hastened to tamp down questions about whether the slugger might be on the roster for the first round of the playoffs. As I wrote here after the previous news on Morneau — in which Gardy implied that Morneau was out for the postseason — it's difficult to imagine the Twins stuffing him back into the lineup for the postseason after almost three months away from facing major league pitching.

This has been a long enough recovery period that the Twins (and Morneau) might be wisest to let him have the winter also. CC Sabathia was known to use Morneau for target practice in his Cleveland days; even if Morneau switches to the big helmet — and I rather hope he does — having a Sabathia heater skip off his noggin is never a good idea, and would figure to be particularly bad at this juncture.

So my take on this development: Good news for 2011; irrelevant for the 2010 postseason.


  1. He'll be in for the playoffs - or they wouldn't post this.

  2. I think the timing is very odd. Gardy's earlier comments sounded like the death knell for the season. But this annoucement seems like backtracking. I hope they don't add him to the roster as a decoy. Their roster isn't deep enough to support such subterfuge.