Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Comparing the schedules

In a recent post I said the schedule was conspiring against the Twins (because the Chicago White Sox still has a series to play against the deflated Boston Red Sox).

Here's how the beasts actually break down. Chicago has, as of this posting, 25 games yet to play, the Twins 24; Chicago's current series is at Detroit, the Twins at home vs. Kansas City. Records are as of posting.

White Sox 
Sept. 7-9 @ Detroit (68-70)
Sept. 10-12 Royals (57-80) -- game of 9/11 on WGN
off Sept. 13
Sept. 14-16 Twins (81-57)
Sept. 17-19 Tigers (68-70) -- game of 9/18 on Fox(?), game of 9/19 on ESPN
Sept. 20-22 @ Oakland (68-69) -- game of 9/21 on WGN
off Sept. 23
Sept. 24-26 @ Anaheim (66-72) -- game of 9/24 on WGN
Sept 27-30 Red Sox (77-61)
Oct 1-3 Indians (56-82) -- Game of 10/3 on WGN

Seven games against teams with winning records, all at home. Nine games against teams just a bit south of .500. They aren't scheduled to face Zach Greinke in their remaining series against Kansas City. The question mark for the Fox game is because I'm assuming that this market will get that game, but I don't know that for sure.

Sept. 7-8 Royals (57-80)
Off Sept. 9
Sept 10-12 @ Cleveland (56-82)
Off Sept. 13
Sept. 14-16 @ White Sox (77-60)
Sept. 17-19 Athletics (68-69)
Sept. 20-22 Indians (56-82)
Off Sept. 23
Sept. 24-26 @ Detroit (68-70)
Sept. 27 -29 @ Kansas City (57-80)
Sept. 30-Oct. 3 Blue Jays (71-66)

Seven games against teams with winning records, four at home, three on the road. Six games against teams just under .500.

Both teams have three games with Oakland. The Twins have five games left with Kansas City, three with Detroit, six with Cleveland; the White Sox have six with Detroit, three with Cleveland, three with Kansas City.

On paper, the Twins probably have a slightly easier schedule the rest of the way, because they have an extra series with Cleveland as opposed to the Angels, but that may may not mean much.

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