Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bringing up Ben Revere

Ben Revere, the diminutive outfielder who was probably the most controversial first-round pick the Twins have made in the first round in the Pohlad ownership era, is to be added to the 40-man roster today and called up.

Ben Revere: Speedy
singles hitter
How the Twins will make space for him is not yet revealed. I'm hoping, for purely sentimental reasons, that they aren't dropping Matt Fox, but I wouldn't be too surprised. I doubt Fox was going to be added to the 40 during the offseason; he got to the big club for a specific purpose, and that purpose has been met. Still, I wouldn't like to be the guy to tell him he's being waived two days after his big moment.

(Addendum: It was Fox, who has been designated for assignment.)

Revere doesn't figure to start. but he has the tools to be useful off the bench as a reserve outfielder. Of the five tools in the scouting lexicon, Revere has two in abundance (he can run, and he can hit); two are definite weaknesses (throwing and power); and the fifth (fielding) has been questioned.

Gardy is probably weary of watching Jason Repko flail away at the plate; since Aug. 8, Repko is just 3-for-43. Revere's arm won't play in right field, but then, neither did Jacque Jones', and that didn't stop Gardenhire from playing Jones there regularly.

That Gardenhire has plans for him is certain. He is reported to have been lobbying for Revere for a couple of weeks.

Revere won't be eligible for the postseason; he wasn't on the 40-man roster before the Sept. 1 deadline. But he might help the Twins get there.

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