Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More no-hitter stuff

Drew Butera (41) and Francisco Liriano in the
dugout during Tuesday's no-hitter.
"Don't you lie to me, Frankie."
Here's Ozzie Guillen on Tuesday' night's no-hitter:

"As a manager, I was bad during the game. I was worse before the game because I made out the lineup.''

Here's Drew Butera on Francisco Lirano saying that he didn't know he had a no-hitter until the eighth inning:

"He’s lying. I think they all realize it."
The Twins are considering using Thursday's off day to give Liriano an extra day after he threw 123 pitches Tuesday. That pitch count matches his career high, set almost exactly a year earlier (May 2). That was followed by three straight poor outings -- 15.2 innings, 13 runs allowed.

I would be surprised if they didn't give Liriano the extra day.
Matt Capps was warming up in the ninth inning Tuesday, and considering the score (1-0) and the pitch count, I've no doubt that he'd have come in had Liriano given up a hit.

But think about this dilemma that Ron Gardenhire almost had to face. Liriano in the ninth faced a few left-handed hitters: Juan Pierre (who walked) and Adam Dunn (now 0-for-17 versus lefties). Liriano fell behind Dunn 3-0, then got him to line to short to end the game.

What if he'd walked Dunn? Tying run in scoring position, 120-plus pitches, and Paul Konerko up. Do you pull Liriano with the no-hitter intact? Do you let him (admittedly exhausted) face such a dangerous right-handed hitter with the game on the line?

Neither option is particularly appealing.

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