Friday, May 13, 2011

Harmon Killebrew enters hospice care

The Twins hung Harmon Killebrew's No. 3
in their dougout before Friday's game
There is little good, but much of the inevitable, in this news.

Nobody lives forever, not even a baseball "immortal," but that does not remove the sting in the Killer's imminent demise for Twins fans of a certain age.

This is small beans compared to the Killebrew news, but I want to fill my loyal readers in regarding this blog.

The Blogger service that hosts this blog had some problems beyond this user's understanding this week. The techies took it to read-only sometime Thursday and ultimately removed all posts since a specific time Wednesday evening. They say those posts will be restored, but as of this writing two of my posts -- Thursday morning's "The mid-afternoon run of Ben Revere" and a post written in advance and timed to publish early Friday, "Contemplating Rene Tosoni" -- are lost in the Google ether.

The Revere post was at least up for most of a day. The Tosoni one hasn't been seen by anybody but the author, and events have already overtaken it. He was, as the post predicted, returned to Rochester today to make room on the roster for Delmon Young.

Anyway, if you come here during the weekend, those may be back.

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