Monday, May 23, 2011

Ben Revere and another double switch that didn't happen

In the seventh inning Sunday, Alexi Casilla beat out a one-out bunt. Ron Gardenhire had Denard Span pinch-hit for Francisco Liriano. With Ben Revere, who started in center, on deck, I immediately started considering double switch options — keeping Span in the game and moving the pitchers' spot one place further down the order.

Ben Revere was 2-for-4
Sunday, but also had
a costly error.
Span flew out, and with Revere up, Casilla got thrown out trying to steal. So much for the double switch.

The steal attempt wasn't a bad idea. Revere is not a power threat, so it was probably going to take two hits to score Casilla from first base. And given that Gardenhire didn't avail himself of the opportunity to double switch on Saturday, when there was a more obvious advantage to be gained (seven spots in the batting order rather than one), the double switch probably wasn't intended in any event.

But ... in the bottom of the inning, Revere messed up a leadoff double and gave Arizona an extra base, which set up the sac fly from the next batter, and that was the decisive run.

It's been that kind of season for the Twins.


Revere has been returned to Rochester now, with Jason Repko coming off the disabled list, and there are indications that Gardenhire would rather have Revere on his roster than Repko.

Revere is a better hitter than Repko. Revere is faster than Repko. Revere has also made a couple of costly miscues in the outfield; while neither man has played a whole lot, I believe Repko is the more reliable defensive player. Repko certainly has the stronger arm.

Which man should be on the roster? I think it boils down to what the Twins have in mind for Revere long-term.

If they see Revere as a regular outfielder beginning in 2012, then he should be in Rochester getting regular at-bats and working on his defensive skills.

If they see Revere as a career fourth/fifth outfielder — and he certainly fits the prototype — there's not a lot of point in delaying his career path.


  1. I think that Repko is a goood 4/5 outfielder but in this case I think Revere beats him out. I do not see Revere as a regular fixture in the Twins outfield as long as Span is in the same outfield, I just can't see how you can play both at the same time, the Twins just don't have enogh power in the other positions to make this work. This is Revere's fifth year in pro ball and he has played at all the minor league levels. He can play all the outfield positions has speed, and hits for average (never hitting below .305). Ben has shown that he can come off the bench and pinch-hit and steal a base. His arm is weak but there is not much that can be done about that. What else does he have to prove in the minors, give him the the 4th outfield role and the sooner the better.

  2. Ed, what would you do with Revere?