Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Perkins pitches (kinda)

There were no official workouts in Twins camp Tuesday, reporting day for pitchers and catchers. But Glen Perkins had his first post-surgery bullpen session: Fifteen pitches off a mound at about 75 percent effort.

And the initial report was that all was well with his surgically reconnected left shoulder.

Fifteen pitches is about an innings worth. 75 percent is something short of maximum effort. But it was Feb. 14, and nobody expected -- or wanted -- Perkins to throw like he needs to get Mike Trout or Jason Kipnis out.

We may well pay too much attention to Perkins' bullpen sessions this month. He has been a stellar relief ace in the past, and a successful return to that status would be a significant boost to the team. But we should monitor Perkins patiently and realistically. He'll be ready when -- and if -- he's ready.

The shoulder apparently passed this test. There are many more ahead.

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