Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thinking of France

I'm finding it a bit difficult this morning to think about baseball. I spent Friday night editing wire copy and photos on the Paris attack, and I was startled all evening when I checked my Twitter feed and saw people reacting to anything else. I don't say that to criticize anybody; I'm just explaining why I'm not posting something about the Twins today.

According to Baseball Reference, eight players in major league history were born in France. Probably the most prominent baseball figure born there is Bruce Bochy, the son of a serviceman who spent nine years as a backup catcher before going to win three World Series as manager of the San Francisco Giants. Charlie Lea finished his pitching career with the Twins; I remember watching him in the Dome in 1988.

I'm sure in a day or so I'll be ready again to distract myself with baseball. Today, not so much.

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