Friday, November 20, 2015

Good-bye, 'Sugar Shane'

Shane Robinson made it through the entire season with the Twins and set career highs in at-bats, hits and runs, but it's hardly surprising that the veteran reserve outfielder went elsewhere. He barely played in September/October before being removed from the 40-man roster and declaring free agency.

The Twins were interested in bringing him back on a minor league deal, which is all he got from Cleveland, but there's more opportunity for him to make the 25-man roster this year in Cleveland. The Tribe at this point are shy of outfielders and are said to be looking for one in trade.

Robinson is no solution to a lineup issue. He's a  bench piece with a variety of skills that make him worth using in specific roles. He's the opposite of Oswaldo Arcia, who has power vs. right-handed pitchers and nothing else to recommend him. As a fourth outfielder, Robinson makes more sense than Arcia, but so does, let us say, Danny Santana. I hold little hope that either Arcia or Santana will be productive major league regulars, but I hold no hope for Robinson in that regard either. The other guys have higher ceilings; they're just unlikely to reach those ceilings.

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