Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A little baseball art

For the Love of the Game is a two piece bronze currently
on display between two buildings on Belgrade Avenue
in North Mankato as part of the annual sculpture walk.

Better-late-than-never department:

One of the 31 pieces in this year's CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour in the downtowns of Mankato and North Mankato was this baseball themed one. "For the Love of the Game." I finally got around this weekend to taking some photos of it.

It would easily have gotten my vote for the People's Choice award, but it wasn't eligible, I assume because the artist, Bobbie Carlyle of Colorado, put a $66,000 price tag on it and wasn't willing to commit to the winner's price of $10,000.

In a more amateur vein, here are the pumpkins my wife created for Halloween display:

These pumpkins greeted our trick-or-treaters Saturday night.
The middle one was her complex one -- Minnie from the original Twins logo throwing a pitch. Linda wasn't completely pleased with it, but I am an admirer of it.

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