Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Sunday Funnies

With no reliable flow of baseball photos, and desirous of an easy done-in-advance post for Sunday to maintain my consecutive days streak, I hereby resume "The Sunday Funnies" -- quips and stories that may not be strictly true, but can provoke at least a smile.

Ben Oglivie, noted slugger for the "Harvey's Wallbangers" glory days of the Milwaukee Brewers, was a rarity in big league clubhouses -- a man given to heavy reading. He studied philosophy in college, and was given to quoting the likes of Thoreay and Rousseau.

During an interview, Oglivie said: "One of the best quotes I know comes from Augustine. He said: 'The body manifests what the mind harbors.'"

Ah yes, said the writer, St. Augustine.

"Actually, it was our relief pitcher, Jerry Augustine."

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