Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pic of the Week

Brian Dozier brings his game-winning
home run home Friday night at Target Field.
Just another week in the life for Brian Dozier, right?

On Monday Dozier learned that he had not been selected as a reserve for the All-Star team but would be on the ballot for the "final vote" clickbait voting. That evening, he hit a walk-off homer to beat the Baltimore Orioles.

On Wednesday he popped another go-ahead home run. It was less dramatic because it didn't come in the ninth inning, but it sure did matter in the win.

On Friday he learned that he had missed the roster by that method also. That evening, he capped a remarkable ninth-inning rally -- down 6-1 going into the ninth inning -- with another walk-off homer.

And then on Saturday he was named to the All-Star team as an injury replacement for Jose Bautista. That was an imminently predictable outcome. 

I never shared the general displeasure among Twins fans about Dozier's All-Star "snub". There are a number of deserving second basemen in the American League, and neither Jose Altuve nor Jason Kipnis are embarrassments on the roster. Too many players are on the All-Star rosters anyway. 

His absence from the roster wouldn't have detracted from what he's accomplished.

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  1. Though I firmly believe Dozier belongs in any All Star game, and was consequently snubbed when named only as a medical replacement ... the tricky part is saying who is there that does not belong.

    I think players should get the vote, fans are too fickle.