Saturday, July 18, 2015

A lost high draft pick

Kyle Cody
went 4-4, 4.91
for Kentucky
this spring.
Friday was the deadline to sign 2015 draft picks, and the Twins missed on a prominent one, right-handed pitcher Kyle Cody of the University of Kentucky.

The Twins gave up their second round pick when they signed Ervin Santana as a free agent, and part of why they were willing to do that was the "competitive balance" pick they were awarded at the end of the second round in the annual lottery among smaller-market franchises. That pick, No. 73 overall, was the one they expended on Cody.

Cody's collegiate numbers aren't overwhelming, but he is said to be a power arm, and the Twins have in recent years been collecting (a) big fast balls and (b) pitchers from Kentucky. He had been seen entering the season as a possible first-round pick, and he was probably displeased by the lower bonus attached to a supplemental second round pick. So he's gambling that he can have a strong enough senior season to overcome the usual lack of leverage.

That this one slipped away doesn't overly dismay me. The Twins compared him to Mike Pelfrey upon drafting him, and that comp doesn't make me say wow. The Twins will get the 74th pick next June in compensation for losing this one, and I suspect next June's draft will be deeper than this one. 

Still, one hates to see a high pick go to waste, and it doesn't happen often. The Twins haven't failed to sign a top-three round draftee since 2002, when third-rounder Mark Sauls got away. (That was a miss that didn't haunt them.)

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