Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Competitive balance" and trades

For the second year in a row, the Twins on Wednesday were awarded an extra draft pick between the second and third rounds.

The "Competitive Balance B" pick is noteworthy not only because it means another draft pick in the top 100 next June. It adds something in the high six figures to the Twins 2016 draft bonus pool, meaning more flexibility. And, unlike other draft picks, it's tradeable, at least during the regular season(s). (That is why MLB holds the lottery before the trading deadline.)

Having last year's Competitive Balance B pick in hand last winter made it easier for Terry Ryan and Co. to surrender their official second round pick by signing Ervin Santana. Of course, they then failed to sign the pitcher they selected with that pick (Kyle Cody). So they now have two picks in the 2016 "Competitive Balance B" section of the draft, the one they won Wednesday and the Cody compensation pick. (Both will add to the draft pool; I don't know that the Cody comp pick is tradeable, but I assume it is.)


A followup on Wednesday's post and Jonathan Papelbon: The Phillies closer apparently has partial trade protection. There are 17 clubs on his no-trade list. I don't know if the Twins are among them. It's presumed that he'll insist that his 2016 option -- $13 million -- be vested before approving a trade to a team on his list.

The source I relied on in writing that post said he needs 55 games finished in 2015 to vest that option. Another source this morning says the number is 48. He's at 32 now. (Here is a Ken Rosenthal piece from January on how Papelbon's contract snarls trade possibilities. The specifics about the Brewers are outdated, but the issues remain the same.)

So the complicating factors in such a deal are, from this distance, less certain than I thought a day ago.

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