Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sentimental (seat) journey

The author props up the two Metrodome seats.

One day after a tricky portion of the Metrodome demolition was handled with an explosion, my wife finally and officially took possession of our Dome seats.

These seats are supposed to be Section 227, Row 22, seats 22 and 23. The seat numbers are easy enough to verify; in truth, they could be from any section or row and we'd never know the difference.

The significance for us is that these seats were where we sat on our first date. So Linda says, and she has the ticket stub from Aug. 2, 1986 as evidence, which is proof at least that even then she had higher expectations/ambitions for us as a couple than I did. (She's always been smarter and wiser than me.)

Now that we finally have the seats, the questions remain: How are we going to stand them up? They don't have legs, per se; they have brackets to be bolted into the concrete steps of the dome. (Update: Turns out she has that planned.)  And once we solve that issue, where should they go?

I have proposed the backyard patio; she thinks the basement. Since this is largely her project, she will likely carry the day on that.

Of course, as one of my co-workers said weeks ago when I was describing the purchase, to get the true Metrodome effect we would need to put them in the TV room at an odd angle to the TV so that we'd get a crick in the neck.

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