Friday, February 28, 2014

Notes, quotes and comment

Carl Pavano had been talking about making a comeback this spring, but found no takers and abandoned the notion on Wednesday. He hadn't made an appearance since 2012 when his shoulder essentially gave way; last winter he ruptured his spleen in a snow-shoveling accident that almost killed him. (Be careful out there, folks.)

Yohan Pino: Since
the Twins traded him,
he's pitched in
Double A and Triple A
for Cleveland, Toronto
and Cincinnati.
Pavano ends his career with a 108-107, 4.39 record, some $70 million in earnings, a World Series ring with the 2003 Marlins, and with a great deal of affection from Twins fans to counterbalance the scorn from Yankees fans.

And, hey, he was once traded for Pedro Martinez.

He was also once traded for Yohan Pino. That was the trade that brought Pavano to the Twins in midseason 2009. Pino is back with the Twins as a non-roster invitee this spring.

That makes Pino the equivalent to Pedro, right? Right?


Last week I offered my personal top 15 Twins prospects list. A commenter a few days later asked why Jose (or J.O.) Berrios wasn't on the list. Answer: Because I messed up. I have revised the list, with Berrios at No. 7 ( I stuck him between Eddie Rosario and Jorge Polanco) and Travis Harrison sliding off the list.


Will Leitch of Sports on Earth wrote this piece on why players change teams so often (his answer: because that's the way the owners want the sport structured financially).

There are aspects of this I intend to explore with more thoroughness than fits in this NQC format, which I intend to be a series of quick hits, but I do want to note that Joe Mauer is tied (with Ryan Howard) for seventh among current players at 1,178 games. This is most games, one team. He'll climb up the list, obviously.

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