Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twins rotation set

Reported by LaVelle Neal: Scott Baker opens in the rotation, Kevin Slowey in the bullpen.

As expected. Both have pitched pretty well this spring (Baker's ERA is 2.84, Slowey's 2.25), not that the decision should be based on 12 innings apiece. But Baker has the higher ceiling, and he has the post-surgical elbow, and it's easier to give him the longer warm-up time he apparently needs if he's in the rotation.

Barring a trade, Slowey figures to be the long man — and Plan B when one of the starters goes down. When, not if; nobody gets 32-33 starts from all five of their opening rotation.

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  1. I've appreciated all of the pitching/bullpen updates and explanations over the past few weeks. Such details are here to obtain here in Japan. Any thoughts on whether a starter will get traded?